vendredi 13 novembre 2009


I've been thinking about container homes for a while now. I'd love to use shipping containers to build my home. I'm sure we could make it very aesthetically pleasing too (see this article) - we can even add logs to the outside! The question is, is it possible to insulate them enough for a Canadian climate?

There's a company called DwellBox that designs and builds container homes. I found out about it through the Eco-Discovery Tour blog that I started reading after reading about it on another blog (This Tiny House) I've been following.

Although I like small homes, we discussed how many bedrooms we'd need and it looks like FIVE wouldn't be too many!! One for us, one for guests, one as an office, and one for each of the kids (depends on how many we have...). I think what we'll aim for is a not-too-big house, i.e., not tiny, but no wasted space. I don't want two living rooms, two kitchens, etc. Every space used efficiently. And bedrooms (for one person or for guests) don't have to be bigger than 12 x 12, really. That was the size of my bedroom growing up and it was perfectly fine!

Ahh, a house. What a huge project.

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