lundi 22 mars 2010

Following my dreams

I was reading through some archives of Project Subrosa's and I happened upon the following post: Follow *your* dreams

It's always so nice to read that others feel the same way I do!

A few more thoughts for the Reclaiming Wife / "being a wife *and* a mum *and* me" discussion...

I have a whole bunch of hopes and dreams, none of which I intend to give up for my husband or children. Some of my dreams will be postponed, some of them will change completely, but it will server neither my husband nor my children well for me to give up my dreams to devote my life completely to being their mother. (I think we all know the husband or child of a woman who has done this, and in my experience they always wish she hadn't.) My relationship with Nate has, over the years, changed some of my ambitions, or, more accurately, mostly added new ones. I expect motherhood to do the same.


I hear so much talk about women putting off motherhood because they want to focus on their careers, or travel, or whatever else first. That is great if it works for them, but I think that talking about it this way can sometimes add to the discourse that implies that once you become a mother you give up all your dreams, that you'd better have your career/travel now, because once the children come along, you'll have to devote the entirety of the rest of your life to them and you'll have no time to do the things that make you happy.

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