mercredi 31 mars 2010

Me + Sports

Ive always considered myself somewhat of a sporty person. Dont get me wrong - Im first and foremost an INTP bookworm. But I also like to move. My dad is very athletic, and has always been involved in one sport or another. My mom, on the other hand, is not athletic at all. (Even if she does make efforts to do activities with my dad.)

So I guess more because of my dad, Ive always been involved in sports, despite my bookish ways. It started out with gymnastics, which I loved then volleyball, golf, and soccer. I even tried my hand at basketball one year! (Im 51!) I have been skating since I was 2 (or so Ive been told), but for whatever reason my parents never enrolled me in hockey, and by the time I was interested in playing, I thought I was too far behind the other girls my age, skill-wise. My parents have actually admitted that its because Im a girl that they didnt really think of signing me up. Maybe if my brother had come first, both of us would have played hockey

Anyway, I still played in several organized sports for most of my childhood, but by the end of high school, I became involved in fewer and fewer of them. I think I felt like I had too many other things to do. I had started working on evenings and weekends, and I had a boyfriend that I wanted to spend time with, so I stopped playing soccer in the summer, and my extracurricular activities dwindled down to pretty much just biking and hiking/trail running. Once I got to university, I worked so much (on schoolwork AND to make money!) that I didnt even see how I could find the time to get involved in sports. I had full courseloads, a part-time job (at some points more than one!) and a relationship to juggle. So again, all I did was bike, rollerblade, and do some hiking during the summers. In the winter, wed go (downhill) skiing maybe once or twice, and Id sometimes snowshoe with my parents, but thats it.

Now that Im pretty much done with school (finally), Ive gotten back to playing more sports! Since the beginning of my MA, Ive made time for yoga. This winter, I added cross-country skiing to the winter sports Ive been doing more and more of. And I just registered this morning for an amateur softball league, which I am very excited about. In fact, thats what led me to this whole reflection on my relationship to sports. I suppose if I was a die-hard sports fanatic (like MB), I would never have gone all those years without being involved in one type of sport or another. (I probably wouldnt have gained so much weight during my BA either!) So it has to do with priorities, I guess. I know the fact that Im involved in more sports now has to do with being with MB, too. But I do enjoy sports, regardless of whether or not I am practicing them with him and I am so happy to be moving more again now.

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  1. This reminds me how much I need to start running again! I've been lame about since being pregnant, but it is time, and the warm weather is calling me!