jeudi 18 mars 2010

News on a controversial topic

How long before abortion is made illegal in Canada? Give Harper another term or so and I wouldn’t even be surprised. Not that I’m pro-abortion, but I am pro-choice, and I think in some circumstances it is essential that women have this choice.

[EDIT 2010-03-19] Heard on the radio this morning that, under pressure, Harper decided allow funding for contraception! I still can't believe he had to be put under fire before ruling that.

From today’s Globe & Mail:

Anti-contraception policy sparks uproar Harper government bending to religious right by not funding pregnancy prevention abroad, opposition charges

Furious opposition critics are accusing the Conservative government of infecting Canadian foreign policy with right-wing religious conservatism.

They are infuriated by the Harper government's decision to not fund contraception as part of its initiative to improve Third World maternal care.

Aid agencies "have lived this nightmare before, with George Bush, where there is no access to condoms, no access to contraception," said Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett outside the House of Commons yesterday.

"What happens if you don't provide contraception, there will be . . . many more women in [the] position that you do not save lives by not preventing the pregnancies in the first place." Prime Minister Stephen Harper has made maternal health a signature issue at the coming G8 summit, asking fellow members to work at improving the health of Third World women after they have children.

But Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon confirmed this week that there would be no funding to promote contraception, on the grounds that the extra money is intended "to save lives." Experts say there is overwhelming evidence that having fewer children improves maternal health and raises living standards. But the American administration of George W. Bush prohibited funding for family-planning programs overseas. Reversing the order was one of U.S. President Barack Obama's first acts.

"Is Canada's signature initiative at the G8 going to be the 'no condoms for Africa' strategy?" Jack Layton asked yesterday in the House of Commons.

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