samedi 13 novembre 2010

A parenting goal

Many, many years ago I told my mom that I had realized how important it was to pick the "right person" to have children with, simply because children are constantly mimicking their parents.

Luckily for me, I've found the "right person" -- I definitely would want children who mimic MB.

I just happened upon a blog post that reinforces this realization that I had so many years ago:

"I heard Terry Gross's Fresh Air interview with Jason Schwartzman while I was driving to lunch last week and was totally struck by how he describes the environment that his mother (the actress Talia Shire) created in their home, specifically this:

'But, at a young age, what I really did witness, because she never forced it upon us, but I witnessed how movies and music can be nutritional, I guess, to a person. I would come home from school; she would always be downstairs with an old movie on. Every room in our house had a different book open, face down. There would be music on in one room, even though she wouldn't be in it, and she would kind of just go from room to room and pick up and read and go and listen and go downstairs and watch. She needs that. It's still the same way. If you go to my house, the same house I grew up in, she's there with movies on, music playing and books everywhere. And so I witnessed how important these things can be to you.'

After hearing Schwartzman recount that specific memory, I had to pull over so I could jot a little note to myself… Here’s what it said:

the type of mother I want to be...”walk the walk"

Schwartzman doesn't mention a mother that signed him up for a back-to-back roster of classes, helming an endless carpool circuit from one enriching creative activity to another. Rather what seemed to have (at least partially) formed him as a creative being is what he "witnessed" his mother doing (or rather living) -- her love of cinema and books and music…her passions."

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  1. Yes...I have been thinking about the busy-busy method of raising children that I have seen so much of recently and thinking that is not the way I would want to raise children. I have been thinking about the slower approach of allowing them time to BE and explore. And I think living a lifestyle you want them to appreciate is a huge part of that.