mardi 15 février 2011

The end of effort

“Krauss believes – or at least, she worries – that in the west, we are moving towards the end of effort. ‘We've arrived at this place where we just thoughtlessly plunge towards whatever the thing is that will allow us to make less of an effort. We know we're diminishing experience. We know that it was richer to walk to the store, talk to the bookseller, maybe meet your neighbour than it is to click online. But we can't stop ourselves. We're programmed to do the 'easier' thing. That's why people have Kindles. It's easier not to have to turn the page. All that's left of turning is this bizarre little sound to remind us of it. People no longer have the concentration to finish things; we skim along on the surface, and it's miserable.’”

From an interview with Nicole Krauss about her new book Great House (to read!). Krauss is the wife of Jonathan Safran Foer.

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