jeudi 31 mars 2011

Guilty as charged

From John Holt's How Children Learn, p. 273:

"After looking at the machine a while, and listening to this informed talk, I felt the faint beginnings of anxiety. A hand loom is a very open machine; all the parts of it can be clearly seen. It seemed to me that after some careful looking and reasoning I ought to be able to figure out how this machine worked. But I couldn't. (...) In such situations we tend to have a defensive reaction, which I began to sense in myself. Confronted with what it cannot grasp, the mind tends to turn away, to shut it out. We say to ourselves, "Oh, well, who cares about looms and weaving, anyway?"

I'm guilty of this. I'm especially thinking back to a philosophy class I took in my first year of university. I remember rolling my eyes and thinking it was a very silly, unimportant discussion we were having. I didn't see the point. Probably because I couldn't grasp the complexity of it. What a cowardly reaction!

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