jeudi 7 avril 2011

La lecture traditionnelle vs « nouvelle »

Intéressant la comparaison entre lire des blogues et lire de courts articles de journaux :

One of the things that surprised me most in reading this whole debate (about reading on the Web vs reading REAL books) is this: nobody has yet acknowledged that it is entirely possible to read, be absorbed in, and thoroughly enjoy a book-length work of literature (or a book-length argument) on a screen. And not just contemporary works, but classics too. Not simply in spite of the availability of the web and recently-developed technologies, but because of it.


Your ability to concentrate on a long text is not a function of the medium of delivery, but a function of your personal discipline and your aims in reading. If you sit down to read War and Peace with the aim of enjoying yourself, whether you have paper in your hands or plastic, you expect to be focused on it -- joyfully focused, one hopes -- for hours on end, perhaps the entire day. Whereas if you sit down to catch up on your RSS feeds -- and might I point out how similar that activity is to catching up on your magazine and newspaper reading, in the "paper economy"? -- you expect to spend your attention in short bursts, five minutes here, twenty there, perhaps an hour on a long article that especially interests you.

In my experience, the distractions the web offers are entirely ignorable when you want to ignore them, and the web also enables deep research and contemplation to a degree that stretches far beyond the invention of the open-stack public library. There are drawbacks to every age, but I don't think that the drawbacks of ours will include the total obliteration of prolonged thought and meditation, deep research, and the joy of getting lost in a really good work of literature. People will continue to require all of those things, both for work and for personal development, and they will not go neglected for long.


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