vendredi 19 août 2011

Farmer's Market + Kids = winning combination!

This is such a great idea:

How do you get your kids to try something new? You involve them in the grocery shopping process:

At the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning, we handed Abby and Phoebe a ten dollar bill and told them to spend it however they wanted, as long as they promised to eat what they bought. They came back five minutes later, after some truly epic hand-wringing — should we get the cider donuts? apricots? a pound of bacon? special juice? a mini cherry pie? we don’t know what to get! — with a small bottle of lavender honey and two artisanal sourdough rolls in a brown paper bag. Once we got home, they immediately made themselves sourdough and honey sandwiches; not a classic combination, I’ll grant you, but really, what’s not to like? Then, at the supermarket on Sunday, we tried it again. We told Abby she could pick any new thing she wanted, as long as (a) she’d never tried it before, and (b) was willing to try it now.

From Dinner: A Love Story (I love this blog!)

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