mardi 22 novembre 2011

Living the Good Life

Move the focus of your life from the stuff you have to how you spend your time.

It doesn't matter what car you have, just that you get from point A to point B reliably.
It doesn't matter what shoes you have, as long as your feet don't hurt.
It doesn't matter how many books you own, as long as you have one to read.
The experience should come first.

To put it simply, a rich life is one that's filled with experiences that you value. It doesn't really even matter what those experiences are. Some people may love cooking, while others find it dull. Some people may deeply enjoy reading a book, while others might pass on it. Some may enjoy spending hours in their garage tinkering, while others find it dull.

Whatever it is that makes you happy while you're doing it, do it.

(Adapted from a Simple Dollar blog post found here:

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