mardi 31 janvier 2012


I can't believe this actually exists!


Once upon a time, it was easy to find books you could enjoy and which felt relevant to your life. Now a new book is published every 30 seconds, and you would need 163 lifetimes to get through all the titles offered on Amazon. That's why The School of Life has set up a bibliotherapy service: the perfect way for you to discover those amazing but often elusive works of literature that can illuminate and even change your life.

Make an appointment with one of our bibliotherapists to discuss your reading life - past, present and future. Perhaps you're looking for a set of travel novels to inspire your next adventure, or you'd like to fathom an aspect of a current relationship through a short collection of essays. Maybe you're feeling nostalgic and would like to spend six months revisiting classics from your childhood, or you're seeking change and the opportunity to explore new worlds through a sampling of contemporary literature.

Whatever your concerns, dreams or challenges, we'll take exceptional care and effort to create a reading prescription that's perfect for you.

Our bibliotherapists specialise in works of fiction but also prescribe select works of philosophy, poetry and other creative non-fiction. They also provide a service for young adults."

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