jeudi 5 janvier 2012

On lists and change

"You include a nice list by the French philosopher Roland Barthes in your new book, _The Vertigo of Lists._ He lists the things he loves and the things he doesn't love. He loves salad, cinnamon, cheese and spices. He doesn't love bikers, women in long pants, geraniums, strawberries and the harpsichord. What about you?"

Eco: "I would be a fool to answer that; it would mean pinning myself down. I was fascinated with Stendhal at 13 and with Thomas Mann at 15 and, at 16, I loved Chopin. Then I spent my life getting to know the rest. Right now, Chopin is at the very top once again. If you interact with things in your life, everything is constantly changing. And if nothing changes, you're an idiot."

(From an interview with Umberto Eco in Spiegel)


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