jeudi 5 avril 2012

Coffee-flavoured milk

I've been having coffee-flavoured milk all week. Yum.

I've always liked a lot of milk in my coffee - no sugar. But this week, I have literally been having more milk than coffee...

I don't like to drink just plain milk, and unless I know I need milk for a recipe I usually only buy one litre at a time when MB isn't home. For some reason, though, I decided to buy two litres instead of one last time I went grocery shopping. (We buy four litres at a time when MB is home.) I was afraid that my carton of milk would go sour if I waited any longer to use it, so I've been bringing it into work in little one-cup jars. Well, one cup of milk in my mug means there isn't much space left over for coffee! (I realize I could have spread it across more than one mug of coffee, but I'm trying to limit my caffeine intake.)

Anyway, cold or just lukewarm coffee-flavoured milk tastes really good! It may become a habit.

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