jeudi 31 décembre 2015

2015 year in review

January 2015
- gave more babywearing workshops
- published a babywearing article on an American blog
- spent NYE at Lison's because MB worked at Christmas
- spent an extra week in Rimouski after the holidays because of a gas leak at the airport
- was busy busy busy at work

February 2015
- was still crazy busy at work trying to finish stuff up before leaving
- gave more babywearing workshops
- worked on my LLL leader application
- soooooooo tired!

March 2015
- spent time helping Emily breastfeed her new baby
- gave a few more babywearing workshops
- attended my boss's retirement party
- started my mat leave five weeks in advance 

April 2015
- nested and spent time with X
- had a baby

May 2015
- MB went back to work
- first outing with both kids alone (he Great Glebe Garage Sale!)
- we lost our tenants, and found new ones (who ended up canceling on us at the last minute, at the end of July)

June 2015
- gave a presentation at the OBG Big Meetup
- spent time at the park with Crystal and Isla
- flew to the Georgian Bay to spend a week with Syb and Gail

July 2015
- came back exhausted from our "vacation"
- stayed mostly home, and went to the park, for the three weeks that MB was away
- went to Jazmine's wedding anniversary party
- went to Rimouski at the end of the month (chalet), did NOT have a good time

August 2015
- Ashleigh and Meaghan visit from NL!
- had M's tongue and lip ties revised
- mentioned moving to H to MB

September 2015
- visited houses in H
- bought a new house!
- became a LLL leader

October 2015
- packed up and moved to a different city!

November 2015
- unpack and then leave for three weeks in Halifax

December 2015
- visit to Rimouski
- early Christmas in H with family, and then Christmas Eve in Warwick. Dropped MB off at the airport on Christmas Day!

What a year!

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