vendredi 2 octobre 2009

Online Books

I love Google Books!

Yesterday morning I was looking for information on corpus linguistics and was looking for a specific book by L. Bowker. I found the book and was able to read several chapters online. I think they have a good system in that you cannot read the entire book; it is frustrating enough to be missing pages here and there to force you to buy the book. But for sporadic look-ups and full-text searching, it's great.

Reading about corpus linguistics makes me want to go back to school, do my PhD and publish my research in that field. (Maybe get involved in F. Martineau's work again?)

But another part of me also just wants to just do research "on my own time". Is that as valuable? To me personally, yes, I think so. Maybe I can publish my findings on a blog of some sort. I aspire to have an online presence similar to Language Hat's.

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