mardi 6 octobre 2009

Talk to your child!

From the NYTimes: Parents Need to Tune In and Engage Young Children with Talk

"The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association urges parents to reinforce communication efforts by looking at the baby and imitating vocalizations, laughter and facial expressions.

“Talk while you are doing things,” the association suggests. “Talk about where you are going, what you will do once you get there, and who and what you’ll see.”

"Communication begins as soon as a baby is born."

“Young children require time and one-on-one feedback as they struggle to formulate utterances in order to build their language and cognitive skills. The most basic skills are not being taught by example, and society is falling prey to the quick response that our computer generation has become accustomed to.

“Parents need to be reminded of the significance of their communicative model.”

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