jeudi 25 février 2010

The big stuff

"Life projects" that I've always pretty much had... aka things that are important to me in life

1) Formal education
  • get a BA
  • get an MA
I'm happy with having an MA, because it's more than what the "average person" has. Getting a PhD isn't on this list because, although I think about it from time to time and I'm not saying I will never do one, it's not a project that I feel like I must complete.

2) House
  • buy a house
  • maintain it and decorate it to my (our) liking
I've always looked forward to building a HOME, a nest. Usually when I think of my dream home, I think of a small cabin in the woods. With lots of windows.

3) Marriage
  • get married to my life partner
  • have a memorable party to mark the occasion
What "getting married" means to me is exchanging vows with the person you love and that you have decided to spend your life with.

4) Kids
  • give birth as naturally as possible
  • raise children (teach them to read and to ask questions and to become independent adults)
Raising children is a huge project, but one I've always thought would be part of my life someday.

5) Languages
  • learn another language (fluently)
  • teach someone (or a class) a language
My "language" project has to be on here because it's one of my passions. Learning, studying and teaching languages will always be part of my life somehow.

6) Self-Growth
  • write a book
  • publish a book
It might be a novel, it may be abook of essays, it may be my autobiography later in life, or it may be a kids book. But one day I'll write and publish a book (even if I have to publish it myself - which, actually, I would like to do).

7) Travelling
  • visit as many different countries/cities as possible
  • experience different cultures
An ongoing project. By the time I reach 100 years old, I want to be able to say I've seen the whole entire world.

Some new projects (i.e., not projects I've had since I was little; but projects I'm happy are part of my life now!)

1) Skydiving
  • become a coach
  • get my C rating
I think this project is a great addition to my life.

2) Plane
  • buy a plane
  • maintain it
  • learn to fly it (get my pilot's licence)
I always wanted to learn to fly, but I never considered it a serious project. Now that I've decided to live my life with someone whose passion is flying, this project can become a reality!

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