mercredi 3 mars 2010

That 50% statistic isn't true!

Interesting (and encouraging) article written from the point-of-view of an American woman married to a Québécois in Montreal: "Don't you know, half of all marriages...

She says that
"as a newlywed originally from the south of the U.S. (where people marry young) now married to someone who is from Québec (where marriage is uncommon), we are already at a starting point that is unconventional. In a way, that offers an unexpected freedom in how we build our marriage and life together. Clearly, we will not perfectly reflect either model from our culture of origin, so we have the task of creating a shared life that is right for us. And it is fun to explore the possibilities as we dream together about normal, daily life in the months and years ahead."


The NYTimes articles she quotes in her post:

"Divorced from Reality", which states that research shows that the rate of divorce is at the lowest level since 1970.

Another interesting New York Times
article that breaks down the statistics into year ranges (since the divorce rate differs based on when one got married and the education level of the wife).

An opinion article about how women are redefining "marriage material".

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