mercredi 3 mars 2010

Tiny houses

Say I wanted to live close to everything, but wanted a new house, or at least one in good condition - but didn't want the price tag that goes with it.

I could live in a tiny house.

Could I do it? I think so. Maybe not one of those 50-square-feet ones, but with a well-designed 700-to-800 square feet I'd think it could work. Well-designed in that we have adequate storage and it's laid out in a way that we're not constantly tripping over each other (à la Gladstone apartment - the tiny attic apartment we lived in before moving into our current 1000-square-feet place).

If I were to do it though, I'd have to wean my possessions down to a few boxes.

I read on an "uncluttering" blog lately that the key is to keep only what you love. So basically, all those shoes and all those bags and clothes that I don't really like all that much - out. Books that were just ok or good - out. (More on decluttering here.)

Kitchen stuff - we could make do with less. One thing I love, though - my garlic press. I'm keeping that.

I could totally do it. I'd love to do it. And have everyone marvel at how beautiful and not crowded our home is when they come over.

I've been saying for a while that one major advantage to building smaller is being able to use better quality materials. When you only have one living room, you can have nice couches. (A colleague of mine has THREE living rooms. Ridiculous.) With less square footage, you can afford nice hardwood floors.

Going smaller means more options, not less, I think.

Oh, and the best part: paying off our house before everyone else. :D

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  2. I wish I could simplify enough to live in one of these cute little houses, especially the one you link too. I love it. :)