mercredi 10 mars 2010

Weekly Menus

Since we moved into our new apartment and met our wonderful new neighbours J & P (now our wonderful friends), I have been copying J's method for grocery shopping and weekly menu planning. I had heard of people doing this, but hadn't actually seen it in action. Seeing her do it made it seem like something simple that I could do, too.

I was so surprised the first time I opened her fridge door and realized the fridge was practically empty, save for a few condiments! (Don't worry, she goes into our fridge without asking too. I love that we have this relationship.)

And she told me, well, we ate everything I bought at the grocery store this week - that's why the fridge is empty!

And that's when it struck me that if I planned my meals and only bought food for the actual meals, I wouldn't waste as much! Before, I would go to the grocery store without a plan, buying just food that I liked or felt like eating. But then I would get home, look at the random ingredients in my fridge and not know what to do with them. Or invariably be missing the one ingredient I needed for a recipe.

Meal planning is great. If I'm the one doing the meal planning, I'm making food that I already know I like (or that I want to try), so there's no "I don't feel like eating this tonight". Ok, so I will switch it up sometimes, eat Tuesday's meal on Wednesday. But by the end of the week I've almost always made all the meals I'd planned on making! And I always start with what's already in my fridge or pantry when I make meals so I actually USE what I have. (Ingredient search helps a ton.)

Another tip she gave me is always freezing portion-sized leftovers. Lunches are so easy now - grab a container from the freezer and go! And you don't necessarily have to eat the same thing you ate last night. I usually have enough portions left over for several meals, so I always have lots of frozen meals to choose from when I pack my lunch.

I'm going to miss J & P so much when they move at the end of the month! They'll only be a 15-minute car ride away, but still... it won't be the same.

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  1. Ooh, I am trying to be better about this too. And I have made fun discoveries about freezing. You can freeze cookie dough and chopped onions. I LOVE having both on hand for whenever I need either. LOVE it. But not together. I am not into mixing cookie dough and onions. :)