vendredi 1 avril 2011

National Gallery

We went to the National Gallery of Canada last night. I have been living in Ottawa for almost nine years and it was my first visit to the NGC. Finally!!

We spent about two and a half hours there and only had time to visit the Canadian Art exhibit. It was really awesome to see some famous paintings up close, like Tom Thomson's The Jack Pine, Jackson's Red Maple and Harris's Maligne Lake. I also noticed for the very first time that there was a man standing behind the woman with binoculars in the "To Prince Edward Island" painting! (By Colville.)

The Canadian art exhibit was set up in chronological order, and it was really neat to see how art styles evolved over the past few centuries, from the English colonial period and then the Dominion of Canada to the Group of Seven and abstract and contemporary art. I especially loved the style of Jean-Paul Riopelle's giant abstract paintings. (I was actually told by the security guard to keep my face at least arm's length from the paintings... but it was so cool to look at them from super close!)

One entire room, with every wall painted, renewed my desire to paint a mural in my future house. (They transported the actual walls, windows and door frames of someone's cabin.) I have always wanted a forest in my bedroom, just like in _Where the Wild Things Are_.

We were also amazed to step into another room and find ourselves inside the Rideau Street Chapel, the ornate chapel of a demolished girls' school.

We're going back next Thursday to check out the exhibits we missed, including contemporary, asian and aboriginal art.

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