dimanche 1 mai 2011


What an amazing day.

I was supposed to go for a tandem skydive today, but instead, I spent 6+ hours on the back of a super-sport motorcycle. And man was it fun.

I'm just coming off the adrenaline high now!

My friend offered me the ride to the dropzone in Arnprior, to my greatest delight. We took the back roads all the way there, turning a one-hour trip into one that lasted almost 4. When we got to the dropzone, it was too cloudy and windy to jump, but I wasn't disappointed in the least -- I was getting my adrenaline fix all right! (And strangely enough, it had been sunny all the way there... and it was sunny all the way back too!)

We brought the bike up to... well, let's just say we went really, really fast. My friend the driver has a ton of experience and I wasn't scared a single time during the ride -- only exhilirated. In fact, my cheeks still hurt from grinning so much!

On the way back from the dropzone, we took the long way, again, but going north, on the Quebec side this time. Going down le chemin de la Montagne confirmed, for me, that I would love living there. It's a lovely winding road that goes right along Gatineau Park.

After dinner with two other friends, we left and... of course, took a detour on the way home. I will never thought Rockcliffe Parkway could be so much fun. And then we did headed for the spot where two major highways merge. We took the on-ramp (suggested speed: 45) at about 100 km/h, one knee grazing the pavement. Then we merged onto the other highway, exited, backtracked to the other highway, and started all over again, going through two or three loops like that. I could have stayed there for hours. Yeeeeeeehaw!

Of course today reinforced my desire to get a motorcycle of my own. I can't afford it right now, and I don't really need another hobby, but there's just something about riding a motorbike... something really powerful... I just love it. Hoperfully my friend will take me for another ride again sometime soon!

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