samedi 14 mai 2011

A post about slippers (good thing I'm not trying to make this blog interesting...)

So apparently talking about slippers isn't sexy. (Oops!)

But this blog isn't sexy, so I'll talk about them here. I want a record of these slippers before I throw them away... because I finally decided to replace my much-loved shearling slippers. I want to document this because I don't think I've ever actually worn something down to the bone like this. And I think this is what ALL of my things should look like before I replace them:

I think they used to look more like this:I've had them for at least 6 or 7 years. They were made of real fur and suede. So did I buy the exact same pair to replace them? No, because I think those slippers were about $60 (or more). I can't bring myself to spend that much for slippers (the ones I had were a gift.)

Higher cost doesn't always mean higher quality... although it often does. Did these slippers really last so long because of the cost? I suppose I'll find out what happens with lower-quality slippers. I bought a plain old $15-dollar pair that kind of looks like a pair of Birkenstock clogs but with wool/fuzzy upper. I plan to wear them to the bone...

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