lundi 29 août 2011

Some are more equal than others

From an article by a professor who taught Canada's only university course on political correctness:

"What I found most difficult was to make them [the students] understand that all interpretations and opinions are not equal or equally meritorious. When I, for example, judged that genital mutilation of non-consenting girls is categorically wrong, I was judged as being as dogmatic as those who defend the practice. Many times it appeared to me that even among the more insightful students of this generation, cultural relativism is in their blood and their every brain cell. The argument that opinions based on empirical facts are better than opinions based on tradition or superstition is very difficult for them to accept because for them all opinions have the same status. Even for students who are appalled by the reality of PC the ultimate virtue is not to judge at all, but to be "tolerant"! How difficult have we made it for this generation to accept any moral principle besides to be "nice" and "non-judgmental"!"

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  1. Notre génération a été élevée à coup de "toutes les opinions se valent" pour "ne pas faire de chicane"...