vendredi 2 septembre 2011

We are not alone. Oh, and we are fundamentally good.

"'Don't you need something bigger than yourself?' people ask me, and though I know they are primarily speaking to the fear that without God we are alone, I think their question can also be interpreted ethically. [...] I do think I need something bigger than myself, but I no longer think 'God' is the only construct that can serve this function. I find something bigger than myself when I go outside. Or look at the stars. Or stand in the forest. Or walk through a canyon. Or look at art. Or read a book. Or go to a baseball game and look at the stands filled with other people."
"The theologian Ludwig Feuerbach argues in his book _The Essence of Christianity_ that Christianity has taken everything good about humanity and projected it onto God. All of the good things that belong to us-love, generosity, strength, beauty, justice-we've given to God. God and humans have been mistakenly constructed as opposites, but the good news, at least according to Feuerbach, is that this situation can be easily fixed: All we need to recognize is that the qualities we've assigned to God actually belong to humanity."

By Sarah Sentilles, author of _Breaking Up With God_

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