mercredi 23 novembre 2011

A Book Project

If I opened a bookstore, and I decided to stock it with only (what I consider) the "best books", which books would I choose?

I've been thinking about this question since I saw it on a LibraryThing forum the other day. Apparently there's a book out there called _A Novel Bookstore_ that is about a bookstore opened in Paris by two literary snobs who decide to only stock "the best books". This creates a huge controversy, etc. I don't really want to read the book. But I do think it's interesting to think about what MY list of "best books" would look like.

My criteria for choosing these books would probably be:

(a) I simply enjoyed reading this book very much, OR
(b) I think everyone should read this book (because it makes you think/see things in a different light/ask questions), OR
(c) I think this book is written in an interesting/original manner.

I think an interesting project would be to reread each of the books I select for the list and write a short review of it-a kind of argumentative for why I've included it/why it's important to me personally/why I recommend it.

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