mardi 29 novembre 2011

Harold Bloom

I learned in an interview with Harold Bloom in Harper's Magazine that he (Bloom) was one of the first to draw a parallel between George Bush’s America and the decline and fall of Rome.

"It is scary to reread the final volume of Gibbon these days because the fate of the Roman Empire seems an outline that the imperial presidency of George W. Bush retraced and that continues even now. We have approached bankruptcy, fought wars we cannot pay for, and defrauded our urban and rural poor. Our troops include felons, and mercenaries of many nations are among our “contractors,” fighting on their own rules or none at all. Dark influences from the American past congregate among us still."

"There is only one remedy to the current predicament, and that is to encourage people to think independently. And that, in turn, begins with reading. People need to remember the best that has been said and thought in the past. That is the starting point, and that is the path, out of our current appalling situation."

Source: Harper's, August 2011

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