jeudi 19 avril 2012

Housing Criteria

This is a (bilingual) list of criteria I made when we started looking for a house.

We met all of the must-haves (yay!) and most of the nice-to-haves, too!

-three bedrooms on same floor, + guest bdrm [we have the three bdrms, + a whole basement that we could use for guests, but we're leaning more towards continuing to rent out the basement apartment and building a guest bedroom/office loft upstairs]
-dining room large enough for our 10-person table [yep!]
-garage or large storage space (basement) for sports equipment [basement storage room + shed]
-one main entrance in front of house, with closet [yes!!]
-large windows/well-lit [lotsa large windows]
-less than 30 minutes from work [yup!]

-walking distance to work [yup! probably about a 25-minute walk, though]
-more than three bedrooms on same floor [nope, but see ]
-dining room separate from kitchen [I forgot about this being an nice-to-have! But yup, we've got it!]
-close to buses [three bus lines right out front, several more within 5 minutes' walking distance]
-une deuxième salle de bain [in the basement apartment... maybe we'll build a second bathroom in the upstairs loft??]
-no carpets [only in the basement apartment, none on the main floor]
-extérieur en brique ou en pierre [brick!]
-high ceilings (at least in part of the house) [9-foot ceilings... in the basement!]
-a big kitchen [ok, this one we don't have. But it'll be a super-functional small kitchen!]
-trois murs dans le salon [nope. So furniture placement is a bit more of a challenge, but I've found a way to make it work.]

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  1. The not-yet french speaking person in me really appreciates the bilingual-ness of this. :) Gabe and I got most of our desires in our house too and we're working to tie up and fix what didn't make the list. :-D Homeownership, for as difficult as it can be, really is quite rewarding.