vendredi 20 avril 2012

Moving Costs

I've been keeping a running tally of expenses we're going to have when we move into the house in my head, but I thought it'd be nice to get them down on paper. Or written out, I mean.

Although I know there will probably be plenty of unplanned expenses, I'm trying to prepare myself for the costs I do know about--the ones that are going to come up right away:

moving truck rental $200 (not sure if we can avoid this one... unless we make like 20 trips with my dad's pickup truck and trailer)
new locks for front, side (kitchen) and basement storage doors $300
new insulated steel kitchen door $300 (if we're going to change the lock, might as well install it on the new door since we know we're going to have to replace the existing one anyway)
new gas stove $300 (I'm really hoping to find a used one on kijiji)
new microwave/stove vent hood $200
new fridge $1500 (Since we want a counter-depth fridge, I'm not too hopeful about finding a used one... but I'm still keeping an eye out just in case) (Hopefully we'll be able to sell our old appliances for a few hundred bucks.)
new tile for kitchen + entryway floor $400 (I'm guesstimating the cost of 150 sq. ft. of tile + grout + whatever tools we need to do it ourselves)
kitchen extras (wall hooks, magnetic spice jars, shelf + brackets, etc.) $150
paint for entire first floor $600 (??? I really have no clue how much paint we'll need.)
new shower curtain (since the one we have now will be too small) + blackout curtains for bedroom + curtains for other windows (not sure what the tenant is leaving behind and what we'll be able to reuse) $300

Total (so far) (AHH!): $4300. And that's not counting the $6000 we've budgeted for new kitchen cabinets and countertops + an extra $1000 for tools, supplies (drywall, putty), etc. Gulp. Luckily we can reuse the existing sink + faucet, and we're keeping the dishwasher, washer, and dryer too.

Not long after we move, I reeeeeally want to buy new bookshelves for our living room. Having all my books in one place is probably the one thing I'm looking forward to the most about moving into our house. But then again, $500 worth of bookshelves (or more) isn't an absolute necessity right when we move in. I'm keeping an eye out for used materials on kijiji, though. (I'm also keeping an eye out for a used TV stand that's not as wide as the one we have now.) I know I'll be itching to put in those bookcases and move those boxes of books out of my parents' place!

Other projects, further down the line:

install a tile backsplash in kitchen ($300?)
install a doorbell ($50)
build a second closet with bench in our entryway ($300??)
buy a used gazebo + cheap patio furniture for the backyard ($400)
install central air conditioning ($3000)
build a walk-in closet in our bedroom ($300??)
build a fourth bedroom/loft in our attic ($15000???)

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