mercredi 11 avril 2012

"When you assume, you make an a-s-s out of u and m-e"

At times like these I just want to crawl right down into my introvert hole in the ground and never come out. Apparently I can't do social interactions. I just end up making an ass of myself. I can't read people very well. And I let my mouth get ahead of my brain and end up saying stupid, hurtful stuff that I regret.

I don't want to remember unhappy things on here, but then again I thought I'd post this as a reminder to myself.

Man I'm an idiot.

Did I really say that?!! I did, didn't I.
Eff. So I imagined the whole thing. I was so sure that they were going to open up about it eventually, too. (Sometimes I really think I must be going crazy.) And instead of just coming right out and asking them if they were ok--like a normal person would--I threw rocks to get their attention. And that's how you start a conversation? No.
Man I'm an idiot.
I can't do this social shit.

2 commentaires:

  1. I totally get it and often feel like I'm well on my way to the nut farm myself. :)