jeudi 12 avril 2012


I'm thinking that the other night--the night I should have just had dinner alone--I did exactly what my parents did after I broke up with my ex-fiancé. They kept bashing him and telling me all the things they didn't like about him, making me feel worse than ever. Ok, so he wasn't the best match for me, and I'm happy I'm not with him any more, but I DID spend five years of my life with this guy and I DID love him. Somehow they thought it was ok to tell me all these things since I wasn't with him anymore. Maybe they thought it would help me get over him. (I'm quite sure, actually, that they were just trying to help me move on.) But obviously, it wasn't ok. I was really hurt and angry every time they made one of their comments.

And then, even with this experience, I went and did the same thing to someone else. Except it's even worse: he hasn't broken up with this person. In fact, he has no intention of breaking up. Could I be any more wrong??! At least I understand why he's so angry.

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