mardi 22 mai 2012


Thinking about a BBQ for the summer... and after eating a propane-flavoured steak on my friend's BBQ, I'm leaning more towards a charcoal grill. The Weber One-Touch Kettle Grill (with chimney starter) seems to have good reviews.

"I'm a fan of grilling all year round — even in the snow and ice of winter — but many people pack up their grills in the fall. If you're someone who puts your grill away for the six cold months, consider the idea of not giving your grill a hardcore cleaning before putting it into storage.

The baked on crust that surrounds the metal on your grill grate will help protect the grate from rusting during the winter months."

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  1. Gabe and I have that grill and LLOOVVEE it! I love charcoal grilling. Propane is easier but it really doesn't get at the heart of what I love about grilled food. Good luck in your choice. If you have any questions about our grill let me know.