jeudi 24 mai 2012

Cleaning and Organizing

Last night, inspired by Young House Love's post on their minimalist cleaning supplies, I pulled out all the bottles that were under our sink and only kept two products, just like YHL: an all-purpose cleaner that can be used to wash all surfaces in the house, and that will double as hand soap (obviously it's pretty mild), and a spray bottle of vinegar + water for cleaning glass. I also know when MB wipes up in the kitchen he likes to use a spray cleaner.

Two bottles! That's it! That's all we really need!

I did keep a bottle of Drano we had and a floor shining product that I figure we can use up at the new house. But I probably won't buy more for a long while. No more stocking up on tons of supplies in advance and then having them just sit there unused for years.

Sherri from YHL also blogged about the contents of her makeup bag, which made me decide to throw out more than half the stuff I have. I'm not done cleaning out my makeup and I aspire to keep only the little stuff I do use on a regular basis (mascara, blush, powder, that's it) and maybe just one or two "special occasion" eyeshadows. I don't need any more than that!
Plus, we will have very limited storage space in our new house, so I don't want to hang onto anything unnecessary.

Une bonne chose de faite!

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