vendredi 5 mars 2010

Living/Dining/Cooking Rooms

This photo represents pretty much the exact layout I'd like my future kitchen/dining/living rooms to have. I have many, many photos similar to this saved on my computer...

What I like about this one is the actual entrance way that separates the two rooms. (I don't necessarily like the colours or the furniture, though.) The kitchen with one wall of cupboards and an island too.

It's like one big great room, but there's still a separation. Our current apartment actually has this layout. I really love the fact that no matter how messy the kitchen is (me? leave unwashed dishes in the sink? never...), the first thing people see when they walk in is the living room - which is usually pretty tidy. The other day our neighbours dropped by and we spent the evening chatting on the sofa. I love it when people do that.

Makes me think that I never want to go live "out in the country", even if that's what I imagined I would do when I was younger. The longer I live in Ottawa, the more I like urban living. I love that we're close enough that no one has to go out for their way to stop in and see us. We're close to major buses, bars, restaurants, etc. Even a great bike path. Yes, apparently, being an urbanite also qualifies me for the "yuppie" label, but I'm actually starting to embrace it -- negative connotations be darned.

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