jeudi 7 juillet 2011

Stanley Kubrick

Last night we watched a documentary on the life of Stanley Kubrick (A Life in Pictures).

I learned that he was a photographer before becoming a film director, didn't make very many films because he was a perfectionist (and also maybe because he wanted to spend time with his family?), was married for 40-something years and had three daughters. And died in 1999.

I want to see more of his films; the only one I've seen, in fact, is The Shining. I went to see 2001: A Space Odyssey at the Bytowne a few years ago but slept through the WHOLE thing. I saw the opening with the apes and the last scene with the baby, that's it. Apparently it gets better with every viewing... so I'd like to give it another chance.

I still refuse to see A Clockwork Orange because the book traumatized me enough, thank you very much. And even more so after seeing a few clips from it in the documentary. (I also learned that there were a bunch of copycat beatings and sexual assaults after the movie came out - ugh.)

I'm pretty sure we own Paths of Glory, which I would like to see (I didn't even know it was an anti-war movie!). And then there's his other war movie (about war this time, not anti-war), Full Metal Jacket. Surely not my type of movie (I didn't even like Band of Brothers because of all the fighting scenes) but I might not mind seeing this one. There's also Lolita, and Dr. Strangelove, that I'm adding to my list of "movies to see". And finally, MB owns Eyes Wide Shut, which is Kubrick's last movie, so I'll have to watch it one of these days.

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