lundi 26 septembre 2011


"Love, not hope, is what helps us live.
Truth, not faith, is what sets us free.
We are already in the kingdom.
Eternity is now."

From _The Little Book of Atheist Spirituality_, co-written by Nancy Huston and André Comte-Sponville (a French philosopher).
(Available on Google Books)

The author of this book argues that we can do without religion and without God, but we can't do without fidelity and community.

I always thought "spirituality" was inextricably linked to religion, or at least to a belief in God (the "spiritual"). But the more I read, the more I learn that the two can be distinct. For a lot of people, spirituality means an awe of the world, and especially of nature. Spirituality means ethical behaviour, love, "an experience of eternity", an attempt to understand the relationship we have to our universe.

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