dimanche 2 octobre 2011

Sarah's Key and Historical Events I Knew Nothing About

Saw the movie Sarah's Key at the Bytowne today. Then proceeded to spend an hour afterwards discussing the ridiculously lacking history education in our school systems (Ontario and Quebec). After watching that movie I felt just like when I first learned (just a few years ago) about the deportation of the Acadians in the middle of the 18th century. And now ANOTHER significant historical event I knew nothing about! La rafle du Vél d'hiv.: 13,000 French Jews rounded up, kept in inhumane conditions in the Vélodrome d'hiver, then shipped off to Auschwitz. I know many scenes from that movie will stay with me a long time.

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  1. My mother-in-law was just talking about that movie with me yesterday! She really was moved by it. About 5 years ago, I did an interview with someone who was at the camp at Drancy then and she told me about the Vélodrome and that part of French history. And I have a Franco-American friend whose ancestors where deported from Québec and she grow up in a Franco-Americain community in Maine. Because of meeting her, I have learned a little about this thing I had also known nothing about. It's amazing what we aren't about history...